Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Manga the weke of 6/8

First of all, let's note that Vertical has the 14th volume of Black Jack out next week. You should buy it, it's fantastic, Tezuka at his most accessible and yet creepy.

That out of the way, the rest of the post is devoted to Viz's 24 new titles shipping. For once there isn't a new series debuting, but that's OK, as we get simply oodles of old ones. Let me break it down by genre/magazine.

First, there's a giant pile of Jump. Naruto. One Piece. Bleach in both 1-3 omnibus form as well as the new volume. Bakuman. Toriko. Nura. Slam Dunk. And the final volume of Hoshin Engi, which somehow released 23 volumes when I wasn't looking. On the Jump Square front, there's also new volumes of Blue Exorcist, Claymore, and Ultimo. That's a lot of Jump.

For those who like their shonen of a different brand, there's Fullmetal Alchemist, which also gets both a 3-in-1 omnibus and a new volume (25) this week. If you haven't bought this series yet, get it. It's fantastic, and is leading up to an ending that actually resolves and wraps everything up! So rare in manga these days...

No seinen this week. But we do get a josei title, albeit under the Beat imprint, as the penultimate volume of Butterflies, Flowers comes out. I suspect it may be getting more serious, though I hope some goofy stuff remains. It runs in Shogakukan's Petit Comic, which has all the smut too spicy for Shoujo Comic itself. (Which is plenty smutty!)

And a huge pile of shoujo as well. Sakura Hime, from Shueisha's Ribon. The 6th Seiho Boys' High School from Shogakukan's Bessatsu Comic, which may continue to have Maki torture me. And the rest is Hakusensha, as we see new Grand Guignol Orchestra, the final volume of Rasetsu, Kamisama Kiss's 3rd, and 4 series from LaLa: Library Wars, Natsume's Book of Friends, Ouran High School Host Club, and Vampire Knight.

Given how many of these titles tend to hit the NYT bestseller list when it comes out, I'll be interested to see what happens, given they're all coming out the same week. Could we see 1-10 positions all being Viz?

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