Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Manga the week of 7/6

Rejoice! Long after everyone else has received and reviewed Wandering Son from Fantagraphics, Diamond is getting the book in next week! So I will be able to give you my discerning opinion... wait, you'll all have read it already. Well tough, you'll get my opinion anyway. And if you didn't read it, go get it.

In other news about titles that were solicited ages ago, Dark Horse has the first volume of the Magic Knight Rayearth omnibus. This was CLAMP's first breakout hit in Nakayoshi, and it's still really worth picking up, especially if the reproduction job is as good as Card Captor Sakura's.

Kodansha is putting out a new shonen series, Monster Hunter Orage, which is about, well, a monster hunter. It ran in their Shonen Rival magazine. It's based off of a series of Capcom video games (hey, just like Phoenix Wright! ... well, maybe not TOO much like it.) Also, Midtown doesn't list it, but my store is also getting Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei 9 and The Wallflower 25.

Also in 'not on Midtown's list, but my store is getting it anyway' is Volume 2 of everyone's favorite tsundere, Toradora!, from Seven Seas.

Vertical has the 6th volume of its adorable cat manga, Chi's Sweet Home. Has Chi crossed over with What's Michael, by any chance? And Bandai has the 8th volume of its 4-koma series for otaku, Lucky Star.

And then there's Viz. Take a breath, folks. Some series are ending! The Prince of Tennis has finally come to a close with 42 volumes. (Yes, I know there's a sequel running in Square. Go tell Viz.) And Ultimate Muscle hits Volume 29 and ends as well, which I suspect relieves Viz no end. Some series are beginning! Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's is the latest installment in everyone's favorite card game merchandise pusher.

And some series are neither ending nor beginning. New volumes of Eyeshield 21 (2nd to last!), Rosario & Vampire Season II, and the Naruto and Death Note omnibuses. Shonen Sunday gives us the 2nd Kekkaishi omnibus. And for you shoujo fans, we have Black Bird (boo), Kimi ni Todoke (yay!), and Dengeki Daisy (milder yay!). On the Hakusensha end, there's new Oresama Teacher, featuring more SUPER BUN!, and a new Skip Beat!, which hopefully will have far less torture of innocent actresses by our heroine in the name of method acting.

See, it's not so bad! What'll you be getting?

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