Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Manga the week of 6/29

Last week was hefty, so this week's lightness is probably a good thing. It does mean a possibility of the rest of Kodansha's June hitting with Viz's July, though. And while the rest of the world is enjoying volume 1 of Wandering Son, for once Fantagraphics is being screwed by Diamond, and we still aren't seeing it in comic shops. Hopefully soon.

On the bright side, we see a few more Tokyopop titles. For those asking, these are coming into comic shops via Diamond Distributors. I don't know if they will arrive at Amazon or Right Stuf. I also don't know if you will be able to order them after the fact, as opposed to pre-ordering them. That said, we get a 3rd volume of AiON, the new shonen manga from the creator of Chibi Vampire; the 8th volume of Samurai Harem from Shonen Champion; the 21st volume of shonen gag comedy Sgt. Frog; and the 3rd comedy of sweet coming of age shoujo The Stellar Six of Gingacho. And .hack fans will want to know that the 4th novel of .hack//whatever the heck it is is also coming out.

There's also the Moon and Blood manga, the collaboration between Nao Yazawa of Wedding Peach fame, as well as a new reissue of an old volume of Oh My Goddess; Volume 18 to be precise.

So, see what interests you here, and pick up what you couldn't afford to get this week.

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