Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Manga the week of 6/15

This week is another good example of how it's difficult to sort out release dates between: a) bookstores; b) Diamond Distribution, and c) Comic Shops ordering directly. Midtown Comics lists three titles I got this week, and one I got last month! On the bright side, it's nice to see Diamond get things in FIRST for a change...

In the 'old news' department, Drawn & Quarterly has the gekiga anti-war manga Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths, as written by the creator of Gegege no Kitaro, Shigeru Mizuki. Be warned it's heavy stuff. Also be warned you may dislike it if you don't like 'caricature' faces. But get beyond that and I think it packs a powerful punch.

Seven Seas has its small list of June releases. We get the first volume of A Certain Scientific Railgun, which Seven Seas is sensibly not promoting as a spinoff of a series not available over here. The second volume of Amnesia Labyrinth is also out. It may be the last, but I'm not sure. I don't think it actually ended in Japan, but... it does feature explicit incest, so I'm not sure if it's on 'hiatus' after Bill 156. But then, it could just be on hold while Tanigawa wrote the new Haruhi books. Lastly, and very welcome, we have the Strawberry Panic novel omnibus, featuring the 3rd and final volume for the first time. Kudos to Seven Seas for listening to demand and getting this out. Reward them by buying it. It's silly fun. Very silly.

And now for things that HAVEN'T actually come out already... there is a giant pile of yaoi from DMP. Kudos to DMP, by the way, for reminding us that there are other publishers in Japan bedsides the few we always see every week. Nihon Bungeisha, Akane Shinsha, Asuka Shinsha, Taiyo Tosho, Shinkousha... it's a smorgasbord of companies that will make you say "who?" while providing you with quality yaoi. Old school fans will want to check out Bad Teacher's Equation and the 3rd Kizuna reprint, both from the early 1990s. Fans of ongoing series will note that Blue Sheep Reverie has hit Vol. 4, which is quite high for licensed yaoi. Men of Tattoos not only has a great name, but ran in the magazine Opera, which I've heard good things about. And Rabbit Man, Tiger Man is not only billed as a comedy, but also has the title Rabbit Man, Tiger Man. (I hope it's not an Ouran High School Host Club spinoff...)

Lastly, Viz has their trickle of 2nd week titles. New Arata the Legend and Kekkaishi from Shonen Sunday, and the penultimate Detroit Metal City from the lesser-known skeezy end of Hakusensha, Young Animal.

What appeals to you? Or will you spend the week getting the stuff Viz put out this week that you had to put off?

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