Thursday, May 19, 2011

Manga the week of 5/25

Hope you enjoyed your lull, as we have quite a few manga coming out next week! Including the direct market getting a few Kodansha titles at last. The lull is over!

First up we have Bandai, giving us the debut of Kannagi. The subtitle of the anime was "Crazy Shrine Maidens", but "crazy" turned out to be a word that the fandom decided to take literally. I wonder if the manga itself is interesting divorced from the whole "virgin" controversy?

Dark Horse has the 6th volume of Ghost Talker's Daydream, which I keep having to remind myself that yes, it is shonen. (It ran in Shonen Ace.) No doubt there will be ghosts, and sadomasochism. Possibly not in that order.

DMP has the 2nd volume (and final, I believe) of Fafner, as well as three new yaoi titles, including Volume 3 of the ever-popular The Tyrant Falls in Love (which runs in the BL magazine Gush - I think I've mentioned that before, but really, I wanted to mention it again.)

Kodansha has a few long awaited volumes, though no debuts quite yet. Arisa proved surprisingly popular with bloggers, and its 2nd volume is finally here. There's new Fairy Tail and Negima volumes, for those who like shonen fights and fanservice. And Shugo Chara keeps trucking along with shoujo magical girl goodness.

Udon has a new Mega Man spinoff out, this one called Gigamix. I know nothing about it, but if Megaman spawned Gigamix, can Teramix be far behind?

Lastly we have the latest from the folks at Yen Press. The news here is the debut of the long-awaited A Bride's Story, from the author of Emma. This is apparently in a deluxe edition, and Yen is really pulling out all the stops. There's new Cirque Du Freak, Spice & Wolf, and Sumomomo. There's guilty pleasures Haruhi-chan (for Suzumiya fans only) and My Girlfriend's a Geek (for those who love fandom). And there's a one-and-done omnibus sidestory of Higurashi When They Cry, which will allow us to take a break from the madness of the Eye-Opening Arc. Well, at least I hope it's a break. It's Higurashi, so no doubt there will be blood.

So what are you picking up this week?

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