Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Manga the week of 5/11

After a huge first week from the folks at Diamond, things calm down considerably for Week 2. Good, because my wallet needs a break.

Dark Horse has Volume 38 of Oh My Goddess. I'm sort of running out of ways to joke about this series. It's a comfort manga, and I won't stop buying it after 15 freaking years of buying it merely as the current arc is boring. Plus I hear there is an awesome arc soon to come. Sadly, the current arc *is* boring.

Viz has its second week, and there's more meaty stuff here. Biomega gives us a final volume. Inu Yasha has Vol. 7 of its VIZBIG Edition, presumably containing Vols. 19-21. There is a new Jormungand for readers who like to watch cool people kill things. Kurozakuro hits its halfway point. And Maoh: Juvenile Remix hits its halfway point as well. Fans of the latter are in for a treat, as I understand this volume's remix was done by Richard D. James. Given how the Death In Vegas remix of Volume 3 turned out, I expect good things.

And there's a Shonen Jump. What interests you?

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