Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Manga the week of 4/27

After a few weeks where it took me forever to write this post, I get a break.

Dark Horse has the 16th Vampire Hunter D novel, which is apparently still only the tip of the D iceberg. Yikes.

Bandai has the 2nd volume of Code Geass: Queen, part of their two doujinshi anthologies that focus on the cast, sorted by demographic. This one is marketed to young guys, and thus will no doubt feature lots of Kallen, C.C., Shirley, Milly, and Nina. Well, maybe not QUITE as much Nina...

Tokyopop (remember them?) are finally letting the 2nd volume of Russian Orthodox Boobies... um, I mean Qwaser of Stigmata emerge into comic shops, though it's apparently been available everywhere else for weeks. I'm sure its targeted demographic will be very happy.

And Viz is releasing the 4th volume of Bakuman. I'm so confused... it's not the first week of the month... why is my Jump coming out in an odd week? I CAN'T STAND THE CONFUSION IN MY MIND! In any case, for those who like this meta-guy manga, the 4th volume is here for you!

And that's it. Perhaps people can catch up on the previous few weeks of HUGE. Any favorites?

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