Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Manga the week of 4/20

First off, my obligatory Tokyopop/Diamond rant. Most of this months' titles shipped on time. 2 were on Diamond's list this week, but my store (and Midtown) did not get them: Gakuen Alice 16 and V.B. Rose 12. Two are simply M.I.A.: The Secret Notes of Lady Kanoko 2 and the Hetalia Axis Powers Postcard book. I suspect the last of those is genuinely delayed, as Amazon also doesn't have it. But Amazon has had the others for 2 weeks now, so it's a repeat of last month. And they aren't coming next week either. I'm behind on Gakuen Alice anyway, but I'm Amazoning the other two, which means when Diamond gets off its arse and ships them via the direct market, I may do a contest giveaway.

Rant over, so what's out next week? Quite a lot, actually. Breaking it down:

Bandai has a 3rd volume of Code Geass: Knight, the doujinshi anthology book marketed for young women with an emphasis on yaoi tease.

Digital Manga Publishing has a slew of things, including three shoujo titles from Mag Garden's Comic Blade Avarus. The Beautiful Skies of Houou High in particular has a solicit that I suspect makes it sound more yuri than it is. There's also a new Itakura Na Kiss, which surely must be getting near the point where the couple actually get together. Surely. Any volume now. On the yaoi front, there's the 2nd volume of the late 1990s 'Treasure', and the second omnibus of Yellow 2, making it Yellow 2 2. Does that make sense?

Our long national nightmare is almost over, as Kodansha Comics releases the last of its fake new releases, the 6th volume of Akira. Like the previous 5, this is a straight up reprint of the old Dark Horse release. Next month will see the company actually release things that are NEW.

Finally appearing a mere 14 months after its solicitation in Previews is the 4th volume of Udon's reprint of Silent Mobius, as they do their best Dark Horse imitation. Luckily, Udon's reissue has been top notch, so us fans of the series should get a nice treat.

Viz has two new Ikki volumes, House of Five Leaves 3 for you Ono fans of not-really-yaoi-but-close-enough, and Kingyo Used Books for you really-you-read-this-for-the-characters? fans. There's also March Story, with its Korean creator but Japanese magazine release, as it's in Sunday Gene-X. And there's a new 20th Century Boys, which is still chugging along.

And lastly, Yen Press has a new Black Butler, for those who were bored with seeing 1-4 in the NYT list and wanted a new volume to keep it company. New volumes of High School of the Dead and Omamori Himari remind us that even Yen Press is not above catering to the 'harems and boobies' school of manga, as typified by Dragon Age, the magazine they both run in. There's a new twist in this month's Higurashi: it's the 2nd volume of an arc, but it's not the end! The Eye-Opening Arc has not even begun to screw with your head yet, and is only at its halfway point here. Pandora Hearts not only runs in the same magazine as Black Butler, but also sells very well, possibly to the exact same demographic. Lastly, it's the end of an era, as one of Yen's first licenses, Spiral: Bonds of Reasoning, comes to the end with Volume 15. Congratulations to Yen on completing this shonen mystery series!

What interests you this week? It's OK, you can admit it's Omamori Himari, I won't get mad. Much.


  1. As a fan of Kingyo Used Books in answer to your question yes , yes I do read it for the charcters.

  2. I can't wait to read the last Spiral. Thanks indeed to Yen for picking up this license and then finishing it!