Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Manga the week of 3/30

I wish I had more to tell you on why Diamond hasn't shipped new Tokyopop books since late January... but I don't.

We *do* get a new Tokyopop title this week! ... that the rest of the bookstore and Amazon crowd got in December. It's the '3rd' volume of the shonen harem manga that ran in Shonen Ace back in the early 00s. Vol. 1 came out here in 2008, then, perhaps seeing harem manga was on the heavy decline sales-wise, TP released 2 and 3 together as Vol. 2. Now we get 4 & 5 together as Vol. 3, but it's been a year and a half since 2. I had, in fact, forgotten this series existed. Ah well, no one can't say I don't love lost causes of my own, so...

We also get Dark Horse giving us the 3rd of 4 volumes devoted to another Evangelion manga, this one a shoujo mystery called Campus Apocalypse. It stars Shinji and Kaworu, and hits the 'yaoi-friendly' buttons quite a bit. Despite being a campus mystery-horror sort of series, it also apparently hits most of the major themes Evangelion always has.

Since I'm lukewarm about both manga releases next week, might I suggest the 4th volume of IDW's fantastic Bloom County Library? It's out next week as well.

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