Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kodansha's September releases

So Right Stuf has updated their site with Kodansha Comics releases for September 2011. The big reason to do this, obviously, is to start getting those preorders rolling in for Sailor Moon, and I know that readers of my blog will be doing that. It did have some new information, however, and I thought it best to go over it, as talking about things with only one source and no confirmation or press releases is, well, what I do best. :)

It's a pretty packed schedule, in fact, with 13 volumes due for release that month. In terms of stuff we either already knew about or aren't surprised to see, there's new volumes of Arisa (4), Deltora Quest (2), Fairy Tail (15), Negima (31), Ninja Girls (7), Shugo Chara! (12), Until the Full Moon (2), and The Wallflower (26). 12 is the final volume of Shugo Chara, and the Until the Full Moon reprint should end here with the final volume. Also, the Wallfower has now 'caught up' with Japan, so I imagine ongoing releases may be more spaced out.

Next we have new things that we already knew about from Friday, i.e. the release dates for Sailor Moon and Codename: Sailor V. Pleased to see the latter keeping its full title. They're both due out 9/13/11.

Lastly, we have three omnibus releases. We already knew about Negima, and this month sees the 2nd of those, which will re-release Volumes 4-6 with a new translation. This will contain the 'Kyoto arc', which, much like Rurouni Kenshin, is considered a great place to start by fans who know the beginning of Negima is... not as good as it gets later on.

We also see 'Love Hina omnibus 1', which will presumably contain Vols. 1-3 of that Shonen Magazine series, bringing it back into print. I'm uncertain whether that will have a new translation/editing the way Negima is, or whether it will be similar to Kodansha's re-release of Akira - i.e. slap the publisher's name on the old volumes - but I'm sure we'll find out soon. In any case, this classic Akamatsu story in many ways is considered *the* harem comedy by many people who are too young to remember Tenchi Muyo, and is another good example of a series that shows the artist refining his art as it goes on. Plus it has Mutsumi. Who doesn't love Mutsumi?

Lastly, we have 'Tokyo Mew Mew Omnibus 1', again presumably containing Vols. 1-3 of this classic magical girl series from the magazine Nakayoshi. This is another release to get an out of print Tokyopop series from the mid-00s back into print, and it's also quite welcome, as the series was very popular in its day. It's also been hard done by, as the anime got one of those dubs that edits and reconstructs everything to make it less Japanese, and Tokyopop's own translation also took many liberties. If Kodansha gives this one a new translation (and again, no idea if they will or not), it could take off with fans of the magical girl genre.

For those lamenting the lack of (insert title here), I note this is merely one month of releases from a company still dipping its toe into the water. Hence, we have a lot of re-releases of very popular titles that are now out of print, quite a sensible business decision. What will October bring?


  1. October better bring Nodame Cantabile!!

  2. October is my birthmonth and they better bring back Moyasimon!

    Wow, will they be up to Arisa volume 4 by September? I haven't even picked up my copy of volume one yet T_T