Thursday, February 3, 2011

Manga the week of 2/9

After 2 huge weeks of manga, I'm pretty beat. Good thing that next week is very, very quiet on the manga front.

From Dark Horse, we have Vol. 37 of Oh My Goddess, which is 200 more pages of Belldandy and Keiichi not having sex. In case you were going to buy it for that, you know. (Me, I buy it regardless, but I'm weird that way.)

And from Viz, we have a quartet of titles: two shonen and two seinen. Inu Yasha gets another VIZBIG omnibus, this one collecting Vols. 16-18 of the original. Maoh: Juvenile Remix continues to not involve Richard D. James in any way, strangely enough. And here I thought he remixed everything. Biomega, a semi-sequel to Blame! that runs in Ultra Jump, hits its penultimate volume. And Jormungand features apparently a lot of folks killing other folks. It runs in Sunday Gene-X, Shogakukan's Ultra Jump equivalent, which also features Black Lagoon. Some day I should buy a copy of Gene-X to make sure the entire magazine isn't just series after series of amoral killers with guns and hotpants.

Really, if it is, then I see more license requests in the future.

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