Saturday, February 19, 2011

Manga the week of 2/23

Sorry to sound rushed, but I'm away this weekend, and posting from a different computer, so this will be a brief recap of next week's manga.

DMP has some new yaoi titles, including the 3rd volume of Blue Sheep Reverie, which used to be in Hakusensha's Betsuhana back in the early 00's, then moved to Nihon Bungeisha; and the 2nd omnibus release of Kizuna.

Seven Seas seems to be releasing the Strawberry Panic Complete Collection to Midtown, despite it coming out several months ago. Maybe it's a Diamond thing? In any case, for those who want Catholic Schoolgirls In Trouble, this may be for you. Or not. :)

Viz has the 2nd Death Note omnibus, now with even more black, like the color of your soul.

Yen has the stuff I'm most interested in this week. I enjoyed Dragon Girl, being released in an omnibus here, so it's nice to get the 2nd and final volume. Higurashi begins its 'Answer' arcs with the Eye-Opening Arc, the first of four books devoted to Shion Sonozaki and her past. We get a new Soul Eater, which I still read, and Sumomomo Momomo, which I don't. And there's Ichiroh!, yet another 4-koma manga from your friends at Houbunsha.

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