Thursday, February 10, 2011

Manga the week of 2/16

After a tiny week last week, this week we are rewarded with... another tiny week! The only things coming out are from Viz, and not much from them.

First, I should note that Midtown lists the 12th volume of Neon Genesis Evangelion as coming out this week, and Amazon has it in stock, but Viz's own site says it's out on March 15th. I also think my Diamond-led store does not have it on their list. So don't be surprised if Diamond doesn't list it. Nevertheless, it's always a pleasure to see another volume of this, the first Evangelion manga. I'm sure everything will turn out awesome and it will end with a giant party.

There's a new volume of Bokurano: Ours, which I'm sure will appeal to readers who are the complete opposite of me. And there's the lucky 13th volume of 20th Century Boys, meaning I am even farther behind!

And there's a new Shonen Jump, for those who enjoy following One Piece slightly ahead of the collections, and weren't driven away by last month's chapters.

That's it! Betcha next week will have some Yen, if nothing else...

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