Thursday, December 23, 2010

Manga the week of 12/29

It's the last week of the year, and Tokyopop's here to make sure you spend all the money you have left over from Christmas on manga.

It's not all Tokyopoop - Dark Horse has Vol. 16 of their Oh My Goddess remasters, and Udon has the 2nd and final volume of Street Fighter Gaiden, for those who miss Ken and Ryu. I think it's Ken and Ryu, right?

But it's Tokyopop that has the majority of the titles - 17 in all. First, and most importantly, Gatcha Gacha 8 is finally shipping to comic shops. I hope regular readers of this blog will know by now that they must get this. Alice in the Country of Hearts 5 is another title that's been out in bookstores for a month, but is finally arriving via Diamond now.

And there are debuts! We see Vol. 1 of The Secret Notes of Lady Kanoko, a LaLa DX series that I hope can fill the hole in my heart left by the absence of Stolen Hearts. Or if you like shonen there is AiON, a supernatural harem manga from the Chibi Vampire author (and it has no relation to the RPG, by the way.) Fans of Chibi Vampire will also be happy that a fanbook is also out this week. It has vampire in the title!

And of course there are so many other series coming as well. A new V.B. Rose! I understand this one will be a big ol' flashback, in the best Banri Hidaka tradition. A new Karakuri Odette! Always fun to see more life lessons for our favorite deadpan robot girl. A new Aria! Remember Aria? That series that always seems to have a very very vocal readership of about 9 people? Buy Aria 6 and make Tokyopop stop crying when it sees the sales charts!

And good lord, a new Hetalia which no doubt will clog the NYT bestseller list for 3 more months and help, perhaps, pay for Aria Vol. 7 to come out by this time next year. And Silver Diamond and NG Life, returning from the depths of hiatusland to entertain us with more hot shoujo guys. Or Happy Cafe, never on hiatus but still having hot shoujo guys. And there's always the Shonen Ace variety of shonen, with Ratman, Future Diary and Hanako and the Terror of Allegory. Heck, there's even Neko Ramen, for the 4-koma lover in you.

And... look, there's just tons of STUFF, OK? Go use those Borders gift cards and go wild. Next week is bound to have something for everyone.

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