Friday, December 10, 2010

Manga the week of 12/15

There's a huge pile of manga in at Midtown, but most of it is the Viz stuff people got this week, so I'll skip that, as I talked about it last week.

Digital Manga Publishing has a huge pile of yaoi out this week, mostly one-shots but with Vol. 2s of the unlucky at licensing series The Tyrant Falls In Love and the shonen fantasy Knights.

Seven Seas has the 9th volume of Dance in the Vampire Bund, a NYT bestseller which has vampires in it. And is possibly also really good and interesting. But which, well, does have vampires in it.

Tokyopop has the 3rd volume of the series Foxy Lady, which looks by the cover to appeal to guys who like harem girls with ears, but also runs in the magazine Comic Zero-Sum, which has a lot of female readership. So I'm giving up on pigeonholing this one.

Udon has the 3rd (and possibly final? information is thin on the ground) volume of Swans in Space, another in their series of manga for young kids. I hadn't gotten any of these series, but I applaud the idea in general.

Viz has the first volume of Itsuwaribito, a new Shonen Sunday title about a liar who lies... on the side of GOOD! It's apparently much creepier than you'd expect. Sunday also gives us the 4th volume of Arata, and the 55th and penultimate volume of Inu Yasha. One more to go! Also, for fans of gut-wrenching metal, there is Detroit Metal City Vol. 7, which runs in Young Animal but has less boobs than the other YA series.

And then there's Yen, ending the year with a huge pile of things people want. First and foremost is the 9th volume of Yotsuba&!, everyone's favorite kids' title that's actually for grownup guys. I am sure it will have much adorable stuff. We also see a one-shot, Not Love But Delicious Foods, from Yoshinaga Fumi, dealing with her love of food. Duh. Higurashi wraps up another arc (we're at Vol. 10 technically), the last of the 2-volume series for now, as we see the Answer Arcs starting in February, which are longer. I'm always up for a new volume of Bamboo Blade, and I also quite like GA Art Design Class in a 4-koma way (despite it continuing not to feature Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro). And Sundome, one of Yen's most surprising acquisitions, wraps up with Vol. 8.

What appeals to you?

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  1. I tortured myself about Yotsuba 9 today in the store, then decided I'd just pick up 10 in Japanese. This way I have cute Yotsuba, without mediation. I appreciate the heads up on BamBure, too.