Thursday, November 11, 2010

Manga the week of 11/17

Next week from Midtown Comics features some stuff I got from Diamond this week, and some stuff everyone ELSE got this week but I, like Midtown, will get next week. Ah, the fun of being a Diamond Comics store customer! (Support your local comicke shoppe, yo.)

So Dark Horse shipped Archie Firsts to everyone but the Northeast Corridor this week. It promises to be an excellent archive volume, unlike IDW's worthy but fairly random Dan DeCarlo collection. It has Archie's initial appearance in Pep Comics, as well as reprints of his first self-titled comic, Jughead's first, Betty and Veronica's first, and Reggie's first. (Yes, Reggie got a comic back in the day.) For Archie geeks, it's a must buy.

Oh right, that header says manga. Digital Manga Publishing is releasing some new yaoi (well, if by new you mean almost 13 years old) called Treasure, the second volume of Kiss Blue, from the awesomely titled 'Craft' magazine, and the 4th omnibus Volume of Itazura Na Kiss, which presumably contains Vols. 7 & 8 of the Shueisha release, and will no doubt feature more of Naoki being Naoki.

Seven Seas is releasing a 3-in-1 omnibus of the first 3 Hayate x Blade books! If you've not checked this series out, I highly recommend it - some of the best slapstick action comedy in print today. And for a low low price! They also have the first Inukami omnibus, which... um, moving on...

In case you thought there was no Kodansha stuff coming out anymore, there's still Udon! Which has the 3rd and final volume of Mega Man Megamix, originally put out by Kodansha in their kids' manga magazine Comic Bom Bom.

Viz has the second volume of the low-key space drama Saturn Apartments from their SigIkki like, and the wheelchair basketball drama Real, which has been running for 11 years and is up to Volume 9. That's already rather sad, but then you realize it runs in WEEKLY Young Jump.

And then there's Yen, with the big debut of the week, K-ON! While I know that's it's not for everyone, particularly the plushy moe character design, it's one of those 4-koma series that really works for me as slice-of-life. Speaking of massive media tie-ins, there's also the third Spice & Wolf manga, from ASCII Mediaworks' slightly more mature offshoot magazine, Dengeki Maoh. And there's the third volume of Ichiroh!, which runs in the same magazine as K-ON!, debuted the same year, and which I really don't care for. Ah, such is life.

What interests you this week?


  1. Personally I cant wait for K-ON! I think if Yen Press plays their cards right it could be a "monster of a franchise for them. I mean look at the established fan base in Japan alone if Yen where able to some how harness that level of devotion in the states they'd be rolling in the money no joke.

  2. I'm really excited abut the new spice and wolf volume, I've been a fan of the series since it came out here. I honestly enjoyed K-on when it was an anime (both seasons) I hope the manga lives up to expectations, since I've not really read many good 4-koma's.