Friday, November 5, 2010

Manga the week of 11/10

At last, it's the relatively quiet week we've all been dreaming of!

Vertical has the fourth volume of Twin Spica. At MangaNext, Ed Chavez noted the series was merely doing "okay" sales-wise. We need to pump that up, this is a great manga!

Meanwhile, Viz has its non-Jump or Beat stuff. Some Shonen Sunday, with new Inu Yasha (along with its omnibus), and Maoh: Juvenile Remix. Some more violent stuff in Shonen Sunday's seinen spinoff Gene-X, with Jormungand. Seinen of both the gritty sci-fi (Biomega) and dog-loving fanservice-loving (Inubaka). And the last of the DBZ omnibuses. I never really cared for DBZ, preferring its younger and goofier Dragon Ball self, but hey, the kids seem to like it. And there's no denying its influence.

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