Friday, October 8, 2010

Manga the week of 10/13

I may be in NY for the convention, but that's no reason not to tell you what's coming out next week in manga!

Bandai celebrates the week with two whole releases - the second volume of Code Geass: Knight, the female oriented doujinshi anthology (note: it's clean. Sorry, girls.) And there's the 6th volume of Lucky Star, featuring, no doubt, more 4-koma otaku-oriented humor.

Dark Horse has been pumping out volumes of the dark, violent series Gantz, so I guess it must be doing well for them. It certainly seems to fit, coming from the publisher of Berserk and Blade of the Immortal. I wonder if there's any other Shueisha or Shogakukan series that might bypass Viz for Dark Horse? (Gantz runs in Weekly Young Jump, a men's magazine.)

I don't really have anything witty to say about Love Potion, the newest yaoi manga from DMP, except to say that I am sad it's not Volume 9.

And then there's Viz. The big news is the first omnibus edition of Cross Game, which makes me very excited. (It's not on Midtown's list, but I'll assume that's the usual glitch.) Cross Game is by the legendary Mitsuru Adachi, and I hope readers enjoy his subtle understatement, his love of baseball, and his big surprise at the 1/3 mark of this volume.

In other Viz news, we get new Case Closed, Inu Yasha, Kekkaishi and Yakitate! Japan, and the second volume of boy and his teddy bear action comic Hyde & Closer. Here's hoping some of these Shonen Sunday series do better in terms of sales (well, apart from Inu Yasha, which needs no help.)

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