Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tentative NYAF schedule

Strictly in terms of panels I'll definitely be attending, rather than panels I might drop by. Very subject to change, as the schedule is already different from yesterday (Viz's panel seems to have vanished, for example):

3:15pm - Archie Comics
5:45pm - Dark Horse
8pm - Haruhi movie (assuming I can get in. And assuming it's in Japanese with subs)

11am - Bandai
12:15pm - Funimation
3:45pm - Yen Press
5pm - Del Rey and Spectra Books (which will likely be about manga, even if the panelists don't WANT it to be...)
6:15pm - Vertical, Inc. (Sorry, Square Enix. Can't bilocate.)
After that, may go to either Squeenix's 2nd panel, or go watch Erica at the GBLTQ panel on yaoi and yuri manga...

10:45am - Kodansha USA
1:pm - Welcome to the Space Show (no idea, but a friend wants to drag me to it...)

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