Friday, September 3, 2010

Manga the week of 9/9

Yes, it's a day late at the comic shop due to the Labor Day holiday. Also, Midtown and Viz one again fail to hook up. I'm basing my list on what Viz says is coming out rather than Midtown, as Diamond tends to follow Viz's more accurately.

In any case, Dark Horse has new volumes from two of their more male-oriented series. Ghost Talker's Daydream has a virgin albino dominatrix who fights crime, which is a USA World Premiere Movie if ever there was one. And Gantz is... it's Gantz. It just is. You know what I mean.

Del Rey continues to prove it exists with a bunch of new stuff. I reviewed Volume 1 of Pink Innocent and found it horribly fascinating, especially its road accident of a heroine. I hope the second volume gives me more to stare at in a sort of dull stupor! There's also a new volume of Negima Neo, for those who like Negima but wish it had poorer writing and bad art. And omnibus volumes of the romantic comedy/drama Suzuka and the sort of insane roller blade epic Air Gear.

Udon is releasing some more of their kid-friendly titles, with Ninja Baseball Kyuma (ending here, I believe), Big Adventures of Kanojo, and two Mega Man titles. It's always nice to see things licensed from the 'Kodomo' genre of Japan, i.e. things actually for little kids.

Vertical has Volume 3 of Twin Spica, a series I'm definitely enjoying. Let's hope that the heroine can snap out of her funk and triumph against the teacher who hates her for undisclosed reasons.

And Viz has a pile of stuff, although it's a much smaller pile than I'm used to from them in a first week. A lot of titles that came out every 2 months are down to quarterly or even less. We get lots of shoujo I like, with volumes of Library Wars and Cactus's Secret, as well as the more adult Butterflies, Flowers. And then, in order to prove I am a MAN!, we also have Volume 2 of the food-loving Toriko.

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