Thursday, September 23, 2010

Manga the week of 9/29

Let's start with the not-Tokyopop stuff. Bandai has Volume 3 of Gundam-00 Season 2, which should definitely please the numerologists among you. Given this runs in Magazine E-No, I've decided to rename it Gundam For Airports.

Dark Horse has Volume 36 or Oh My Goddess, which will probably be a nice comforting relaxing read for me, despite containing none of the Keiichi/Belldandy sex marathon that readers have been waiting for for about 22 years now.

I'm not sure what Digital Manga Publishing's Seven Days - Monday→Thursday is all about, but any title containing an arrow is a winner in my book. Also, it runs in a magazine called Craft, so perhaps you could use it as gateway yaoi for knitters.

And then there's Tokyopop's pile o' titles. I've discussed how much I like Shinobi Life and Maid-sama before. Tokyopop's experimenting with Demon Sacred, releasing the first two volumes at 5.99 each. It's old-style shoujo from LaLa, and quite intriguing. And of course there's Hetalia Axis Powers. It was only two years ago that I was walking all over NYAF telling everyone and their brother to license this. Now Tokyopop has it, and I imagine it should do pretty well for them. Oddly, I've still never read it - I was recommending purely on hearing of the fanbase. Now I'll see what the fuss is about.

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