Thursday, September 9, 2010

Manga the week of 9/15

It's a pretty busy week at Midtown Comics. First of all, they're getting in all the Viz the rest of us got this week. So I already covered a lot of it.

In the Viz that Diamond and Midtown are getting at the same time, we have a new Hayate the Combat Butler, a great silly comedy manga I enjoy. This may be the last pure silly volume of that, as 17 begins a very serious arc. I'm also very fond of Dogs: Bullets and Carnage, which pretty much delivers what its subtitle suggests. And there's another volume of the light (somewhat too light) Takahashi comedy Rin-Ne.

Digital Manga Publishing has been quiet lately, but are making up for it with a giant pile of books, 13 in all. The majority are yaoi, which is mostly a genre I don't follow as much, but even I've heard of Finder, one of the titles listed. They also have the 3rd volume of the classic shoujo manga Itazura Na Kiss, inspiration for approximately 80 billion other shoujo titles that came after it.

And Dark Horse has the 34th volume of Berserk, a title that we've discovered sells perpetually well. Which is good, as it subsidizes the awesome yet poor selling Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, which celebrates its 11th volume by switching from beige to black covers. One of the best horror titles out there, with a wicked sense of humor and the legendary endnotes of Carl Horn. (Which sounds like a bad RPG quest. "Traverse the Mountains of Despair to get me the Endnotes of Carl Horn!") Everyone should get this, even if you think you hate horror. It's fantastic.

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  1. can you say 'somewhat too light"? Aren't 'somewhat' and 'too' opposites?