Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Looney Tunes DVDs

The 2nd wave of LT Super Stars DVDs will be out on 11/30. Be warned, the Sylvester and Tweety collection has NO NEW CARTOONS. All repeats from the Golden Collection.

The other one is a Foghorn Leghorn collection, and it will have:

1) All Fowled Up (2/19/1955)
2) Fox Terror (5/11/1957)
3) A Broken Leghorn (PREVIOUSLY RELEASED) (9/26/1959)
4) Crockett-Doodle-Doo (6/25/1960)
5) Weasel While You Work (9/6/1958)
6) Weasel Stop (2/11/1956)
7) Little Boy Boo (6/5/1954)
8) Banty Raids (6/29/1963)
9) Strangled Eggs (3/18/1961)

as well as the non-Foghorn cartoons:
10) Gopher Broke (11/15/1958 (Goofy Gophers)
11) A Mutt in a Rut (5/23/1959) (Elmer Fudd)
12) Mouse-Placed Kitten (1/24/1959)
13) Cheese It, the Cat! (5/4/1957) (The Honey-Mousers)
14) Two Crows from Tacos (1956)
15) Crow's Feat (4/21/1962) (Elmer Fudd)

Be warned that this disc will likely have all the cartoons in the 'widescreen' version WB prepared for theaters but which was not seen on TV. If this bothered you on the Bugs and Daffy discs, stay away.

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