Thursday, August 26, 2010

Manga the week of 9/1

Ah, it's one of THOSE first weeks of the month. Well, according to Midtown. Generally I've found that when the 1st comes on a Wednesday, publishers regard it as an unofficial 5th week. That seems to be the case here, as Midtown lists no Viz. Luckily, we have some other neat stuff.

Vertical has Chi's Sweet Home, which I reviewed earlier today. KITTY!

Dark Horse has Volume 15 of Oh My Goddess, another in their series of re-releases in unflipped style. If I recall, this wraps up the 'Queen Sayoko' arc. They've also got another Evangelion spinoff starting, this one a shoujo horror tale that ran in Kadokawa's otaku-girl-oriented Asuka. If you want your Evangelion with lots more Shinji and Kaworu, this is for you.

I know little about DMP's yaoi release of the week, The Tyrant Falls In Love, except that it apparently appears in a BL magazine in Japan called 'Gush'. Nothing else to add except I love the idea of a BL magazine called Gush. For one thing, it keeps the title away from Ero magazines...

And then there's a brace of Tokyopop. A new series called Witch of Artemis, from Mag Garden's Comic Blade. More Hakusensha shoujo to keep me happy, with Karakuri Odette 4, Happy Cafe 4, and Portrait of M & N 3. Fans of Karin, aka Chibi Vampire, will enjoy a one-shot spinoff called Airmail, featuring short stories with the same cast. And there's a new Alice in the Country of Hearts, which I keep not getting around to reviewing. I sort of put it in the Vampire Knight category. Yes, I know its flaws are obvious and blatant, but OMNOMNOM what a fast and addicting read!

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