Friday, August 6, 2010

Manga the week of 8/11

Via your friends at Midtown Comics, whose motto is 'our release dates never match Diamond's!' Hence a lot of Viz stuff on here most folks got this week.

Let's start with Viz, as they continue their Inu Yasha speed-up with Vol. 51, as well as the deluxe re-release with Omnibus 4, covering Vols. 10-12. There's also a Bleach guidebook devoted to the Shinigami, which I actually got this week. It's fun, reminding you of the days when Bleach was funny. And fast-paced. And interesting... (cough) Anyway, we also have a new volume of Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit, which no doubt will be killing off more people, since that's what its plot it.

Speaking of killing off the cast, Yen's August releases are out, and the Higurashi Time Killing arc comes to a conclusion. This was a '5 years earlier' arc starring Rika, the cute miko of the series. As this is the last volume of the arc, expect the traditional bloodbath. And for fans of fanservice, there's also a new volume of the irritatingly named Sumomomo Momomo, and the penultimate volume of sleazy high school soap opera Sundome.

Our one yaoi release of the week comes from DMP, who are putting out Mamiya Doll House. Don't know much about it, but I note the artist also does Prince of Tennis yaoi doujinshi. Actually, it may be contractual that every BL artist in Japan has done Prince of Tennis yaoi doujinshi.

And lastly, Bandai has another volume of its manga tie-in property Gurren Lagann, and a pro doujinshi anthology for Code Geass, Queen. They released Knight a while back, and it starred the guys of Code Geass, and was pretty much geared for the female otaku. This one stars the women of Code Geass, and I expect it to be much like those DVD extras with all the girls groping each other in the baths, only for 200 pages.

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  1. Trudat, Kazuma Kodaka (Kizuna, Border) does some PoT doujinshi, too. Are you going to review Mamiya Doll House?