Thursday, July 29, 2010

Manga the week of 8/4

Midtown gets in everything I got this week, plus everything Diamond's other folks got this week, plus the normal next week stuff. If you buy your manga at Midtown, cry. Like a girl.

If you like gay prison fantasy, I hear that 801 Media's Under Grand Hotel is right up your alley. It's got a larger number of pages, so is also more expensive, be advised. Fans have apparently been waiting for this one.

On the Del Rey front, there's a pile of titles, which is reassuring considering the recent news, both bad and nonexistent. Tsubasa's penultimate volume, and another Negima volume which is a must for fans of albino woobie girl Ako Izumi. More Zetsubou-sensei, which I still love to bits despite my ongoing editorial issues with Del Rey. The final volumes of Mushishi, which gets a giant 3-in-1 omnibus, and Le Chevalier D'Eon, which was far along enough not to need one. School Rumble also gets a 3-in-1, though it has several volumes to go before it ends. Four-Eyed Prince manages to be the only series I know of to be licensed from Nakayoshi's offshoot Nakayoshi Lovely, winner of the girliest magazine title ever award back in 2007. And a new shonen debut, Code: Breaker, from the author of Samurai Deeper Kyo.

And then there's Tokyopop. More titles ending, as This Ugly Yet Beautiful World and KimiKiss both wrap up. The return of more long-lost series with Your & My Secret (10 months) and Genju no Seiza (2 years). Always glad to see anything from Akita Shoten's Bonita line. V.B. Rose is still awesome and a must buy for shoujo fans, and I'm sure Gakuen Alice will be as involved as ever.

And then there's Qwasar of Stigmata, perhaps the most infamous title to come out next week. From Akita Shoten's Champion Red, home to Franken Fran (and why this is licensed and FF isn't is beyond me), and from the mangaka who brought you the Mai Otome manga (which, trust me, was far worse than the excellent anime) comes this series, which bills itself on Wikipedia as the first mainstream manga to use breast milk as a major plot point. And I use the word 'plot' loosely here. I admit I was rather stunned to see this licensed, but then Media Blasters did put out 12 Eiken manga here, so what do I know? For those of you who love titles like not simple and Twin Spica... this may be the polar opposite of those.


  1. Isn't Your & My Secret's slow US release schedule partly because of its slow Japanese release schedule? Morinaga-sensei was working on it and Hockey Club at the same time; now Hockey Club has ended but I think she's got a new series. (okay, v6 came out march 2009 in Japan so I guess it has been a while.)

    Maybe I should buy some Del Rey manga so they can afford to print more Hockey Club—that one hasn't seen a new volume in over a year. Or maybe I should just give up on ever seeing it again.

    Anyway, yay V.B. Rose!!!! Hurry up and get it, my bookstore!

  2. yes for Gay Prison fantasy. Fans of Yaoi have been waiting for this more than you know. Try it, it goes beyond normal Yaoi.